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Clean the flower vase regularly

In caring for your flowers, you must always start with cleanliness. The vase serves as the shelter for your flowers so you must keep it clean all the time to prevent germs and other viruses from infecting your flowers. In cleaning your vase, you need to use clean water and clean wiping rag in dry cleaning your flower vase. Make sure that your vase is perfectly dry before you put your flowers inside.

Replace water from the vase regularly

Clean water for your flower vase is necessary for the healthy growth of your flowers. Hence, you should replace the water every day to prevent viruses from swimming along the vase. You know that the water is unclean if its colour turns muddy and if its smell is not the usual water smell. Throughout the day, check the state of the water about 2 to 3 times from morning until the afternoon.

Cut stems using a sharp knife

The stems of your flowers should be cut in about 2 to 3 inches to ensure that they are growing in a healthy state. Make sure that you use a sharp knife so you can cut thoroughly. There are video tutorials on the web that you can also check if you’re unsure how to do it. Asking an expert in floral care will also be helpful.

Water your flowers regularly

In watering your flowers, make sure that you will pour just in enough water so your flowers won’t drown. You should water your flowers in the morning for best results.

Don’t place your flowers alongside harmful chemicals

The most important thing to remember in caring for your flowers is to allow them to breathe freely. By saying so, you understand that your flowers must not be placed anywhere near hazardous chemicals like fumes and radiations. So before you put your flowers in a certain area, make sure that you check it well and you are sure that no harmful chemicals are around. For instance, you should not place your flowers in an area where air pollution is present. Avoid placing your flowers near smoking areas and fume-radiating establishments.

Don’t place your flowers under direct sunlight

If your room window absorbs direct sunlight every morning, then don’t place your flowers near it. Flowers don’t grow healthily under direct sunlight. It should be placed in an area where there is moderate room temperature. If you would like your flowers to stay in your room, you can probably hang a curtain in front the window so direct sunlight can’t come in. Your backyard can also be a good area to position your flowers. Just make sure that they remain under the shade of other plants.

Find a secured place for your flowers

The primary rule is to prevent your flowers from being stepped onto by people and animals. So what you can do is to look for a secured area where people and pet animals are not usually crossing. You must also take into consideration the strong wind that may cause the vase with flowers to fall over. Make sure that it is fastened thoroughly in its place.